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Alastair Gray

Research Director | PhD, MSc, BA (Hons), ADH, PCHom, DSH, PCH
I believe that the over-emphasis on mechanism of action research and high-end randomized clinical trials has taken the oxygen from the important third pillar of research activity in homeopathy: the clinic.

Alastair Gray has a PhD in Public Health. More specifically he is an expert in the field of Complementary Medicine education. Much of his research has a focus on technologies in the field of CM and learning technologies in the education of future practitioners. He teaches at and heads the academic, operations, and research at the Academy of Homeopathy Education. In addition, he holds various consulting roles: academic (College of Health and Homeopathy, NZ), educational (National Centre for Integrative Medicine, UK), as well as consulting to many organizations on homeopathic provings and e-learning world-wide. A regular seminar and conference presenter worldwide and having spent a decade in the higher education arena in Australia, he is the author of 23 books and numerous articles on primary research in natural medicine. Originally educated as an historian, he teaches the history of health, healing and medicine at schools, colleges and universities in multiple countries. Alastair has been in practice for more than 30 years.


Email alastair.gray@hohmfoundation.org

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