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Potentized Benefit Seminar

This free three-part webinar series invites you to go deeper into your study of homeopathy while raising funds to support the efforts of the HOHM Foundation and Homeopathy Help Network to offer accessible homeopathy care and produce quality homeopathy research that sets the stage for homeopathy in the world of tomorrow.

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Homeopathic Conversations with Alastair Gray

Alastair Gray, PhD presented Building Capacity in Homeopathic Research & Transforming Clinical Work into Meaningful Publications: Research Findings from the HOHM Foundation Office of Research and Homeopathy Help Network at the 2022 Online Conference of the American Institute of Homeopathy.

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HOHM Research October 2022 Update

https://vimeo.com/763796794/94d8dc57cb The HOHM Research Office has been busy collating and analyzing data for 10 upcoming articles to be published in various industry journals including Homeopathy,

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Study: Attitudes To and Uptake of Repertory Software in Homeopathy Clinical Practice

This preliminary study presents some potentially significant uptake, usage and attitude markers that stand to shed light on the practice of homeopathy and the place of emerging technologies such as repertory software. Ultimately, more research is needed to help identify and address the challenges, risks and tensions around integration of practice-enhancing technologies in CM educational and clinical settings to best serve the diverse and changing needs of practitioners.

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Research Update: Observational Case Series Published

“In this observational case series, we report on and summarize five cases of COVID-19 positive clients who sought homeopathic care for symptoms between March 2020 – December 2021 by the Homeopathy Help Now team of professional homeopaths working together in the United States. This is the first part of the full case series compendium consisting of 55 cases. This part of the case series focuses on cases where more than two remedies were needed to move the case to resolution.”

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HOHM Research December 2021 Update

https://vimeo.com/738415300/089fda058d It’s been a busy month at HOHM Research! Alastair Gray, Ph.D. shares about the team’s new publications and projects in various stages of development.

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