Tour Our Research Office (Virtually!)

Welcome to our research office

HOHM Research has identified significant and meaningful research gaps in the field of Homeopathy and Complementary Medicine. There are so many of them. From our two-year observational case series of clinical results from the HHN teaching clinic, to the 2022 North American Education surveys, the Office is producing rigorous peer reviewed scientific papers. The current over-emphasis on the mechanism of action within Homeopathy (how does it work?), and high-end randomized clinical trials (what interventions work for what named conditions?) has drawn the oxygen from the important third pillar of research activity – the clinic. It is in this field that the predominant research activities of the HOHM Research Office takes place.

We consider these overarching questions about practice. What goes on in the clinic? Who comes to homeopathy? What is the prevalence, and the attitudes and beliefs of users of homeopathy? What are the push and pull factors that drive clients to homeopathy? Related, but somewhat more in the arena of education research we ask, Who comes to Homeopathy education? How is the profession of Homeopathy changing? What do our clients think about their experience of homeopathy? What are the features of the landscape of Complementary Medicine education? What are the drivers and perspectives of students of homeopathy? How do students and faculty interface with technology?