HOHM Foundation PGRN

YOU can Become an Active Participant in the Future of Homeopathy with Practitioner-Generated Research!

The Practitioner Generated Research Network (PGRN) is a one stop shop for practice-based, patient-focused, and practitioner-generated research that potentizes the profession of homeopathy and expands it into the larger scientific and integrative medical communities.

The PGRN unites and upskills passionate homeopaths to make the changes needed in health care.

HOHM’s PGRN has a centralized hub, standardized systems, and a network of highly skilled research professionals coordinating the project. We need your support as we capacity-build with a goal to exceed 5,000 cases per year. With research findings using a sample size of 25,000+ cases, HOHM’s clinical data will elevate homeopathy research and effectively change public perception.

Upskilling Passionate Homeopaths

HOHM recognizes the time and technology constraints that often keep busy practitioners from participating in research.

We’ve got you covered! HOHM’s team provides tech support and human support to facilitate engagement and make it easy for busy practitioners to participate.

By joining the HOHM PGRN, you will:

Participants in the program can engage in the following ways:

Are you ready to upskill and contribute to the future of homeopathy? Join the PGRN:

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