HOHM Research

Creating radical change in complementary medicine

HOHM Foundation officially launched its dedicated Office of Research (HOHM Research) in 2017 in keeping with our mission to enrich and support the Traditional, Complementary, and Integrative Healthcare (TCIH) community.

Creating radical change in public and individual healthcare, we galvanize awareness and produce relevant, collaborative, clinical, historical, and educational research in these fields.

It is a dramatic time with so many significant shifts within the interlinking fields of community health, complementary medicine, technology, and learning. Global and local health needs and disparities are being starkly highlighted, and there is a growing awareness that there is a giant research gap in relevant, accessible, affordable, and effective integrative healthcare.

This is where homeopathy shines. While there is a growing body of excellent research in homeopathy, much of it focuses on mechanism of action, much less on clinical outcomes, and virtually nothing on homeopathy education and professional practice.

The overarching aim of HOHM Research is to build an infrastructure wherein rigorous outcomes-based research supports the deepening and expansion of the discipline of Homeopathy in the context of the larger scientific and integrative medical community. HOHM Research brings awareness of the effectiveness of homeopathy through practitioner-generated, practice-based, and outcomes-based homeopathy research, focusing on historical, clinical, and educational research outputs.