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Our People

Denise Straiges

President and Clinical Director | CCH, RSHom(NA), PCH

Denise Straiges CCH, RSHom(NA), PCH is fiercely committed to raising the bar in academic and clinical training for all Homeopaths. She is the President and Clinical Director of The Academy of Homeopathy Education (AHE), and in 2015 launched the first full-time homeopathy training program in the US in more than 100 years. In addition to AHE’s bustling, low-cost clinic, Denise established HOHM Foundation, whose initiatives include the Homeopathy Help Network, a donation-based service that provides high-quality care in a supervised, educational environment. As well as delivering low-cost clinical services, HOHM Foundation raises money for scholarships in Homeopathy education and curates a research library and book exchange. HOHM Office of Research focuses on clinical, historical, and educational research and trains homeopathy students and practitioners to take part in this important work. All clinical initiatives contribute to rigorous outcomes-based research geared towards peer-reviewed publication.

Denise is a core faculty member of AHE’s foundation studies and post-graduate/professional development programs. She has taught for numerous homeopathy schools in the US and abroad and has been an invited speaker at conferences around the world in homeopathy, integrative wellness, and spirituality in medicine. She has been a guest lecturer at NYU twice/year since 2015. For five years, Denise partnered with a major medical institution in NYC, providing Homeopathy care alongside the medical team; this work included training medical doctors and residents in Classical Homeopathy.

With national certification in Homeopathy by the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CCH), Denise is also a registered member of the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) and has post-graduate credentials from The Dynamis School of Graduate Studies in Homeopathy (PCH). Denise’s Homeopathy education includes foundation studies at The School of Homeopathy New York and Devon, England, graduation from the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in MN, and study with Homeopathy’s most prominent contemporary teachers and researchers from the US, UK, Europe, and India.

Denise is currently pursuing graduate studies at Johns Hopkins University in the History of Medicine.  Her personal work includes original, primary research focused on the origins of homeopathy, in particular, Hahnemann’s influences in The Chronic Diseases and the evolution of potency.  She is writing a practical, in-depth compendium on Case Analysis.

Denise sits on the Board of Directors for the National Center for Homeopathy, co-chairs the Advocacy in Homeopathy Working Group, represents the NCH for the Homeopathy Action Alliance, is a core member of the Global Advocacy Outreach Team, and supports many other committees in the professional and consumer realm. She maintains a busy practice in classical homeopathy with a focus on complex neurological and autoimmune conditions and provides clinical supervision and mentorship to students and practicing Homeopaths around the world.