‘It’s not hoarding if it’s books’ tote

‘It’s not hoarding if it’s books’ tote



You can't put a limit on happiness.... Homeopathy books bring happiness... 
Plus, there's never been an episode of hoarders where a homeopath is the problem. So there. 

Proceeds go to support HOHM Foundation

HOHM Foundation is a 501c3 not-for-profit initiative with the goals to make homeopathy accessible to all, conduct quality research, provide scholarships for undergrad homeopathy study, and curate an extensive historical and research library.

These long handle full-color tote bags are great for all your grab and go needs. They feature cross stitching on handles for more stability, are suitable for embroidery, screenprint, and transfer printing so you can customize them however you like. They are made of 100% cotton fabric.
.: 100% cotton
.: One size
.: Multiple color options
.: Cross stitching on handles

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