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HOHM Research October 2022 Update

The HOHM Research Office has been busy collating and analyzing data for 10 upcoming articles to be published in various industry journals including Homeopathy, the American Institute of Homeopathy Journal, HPathy, and Similia. HOHM Research is particularly interested in clinical outcomes from the Homeopathy Help Network Clinic and Academy of Homeopathy Education student clinic, the landscape of homeopathy education in North America, the qualities, attitudes, attributes, perceptions, and demographics of users of homeopathy, how homeopaths interface with technology, and so much more. Thank you to everyone involved and to those of you who have generously donated to this work.

If you are a student, educator, or administrator in a homeopathy school, we invite you to participate in the North American Homeopathy Study. You voice is needed to help us the homeopathic community to determine how the face of education is continuing to grow and evolve over time.