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HOHM Foundation Takes Home GIRI Award for Best Human Clinical Abstract and Video

The GIRIGroundbreaking Science: Homeopathy and the Future of Global Health” research conference was a three-day event held at UConn Health, where nearly 500 people from 25 countries gathered to hear 41 research presentations. The conference covered a range of topics related to homeopathic research and its impact on global health. Some of the presentations included an introduction to homeopathy and global health, the art and science of research in homeopathy, strategies for homeopathic research, homeopathy, and the environment, the role of nanoparticle/nanostructure in homeopathic medicines, and clinical research on homeopathy and antibiotic resistance. The conference also featured roundtable discussions on agro-homeopathy and the role of homeopathy in preserving the human biome. Overall, the conference was considered a huge success, and it was exciting to hear about the groundbreaking research being conducted in the field of homeopathy. 

We were honored to present this video overview (above) of HOHM Foundation’s clinical research and infrastructure at the conference. Our team won the GIRI award for the best human clinical abstract and video presentation. Thank you to our research team, clients, volunteers, donors, and everyone else who makes it possible for us to raise the bar in homeopathy research.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our friends Peter Gold and Molly Punzo, MD, from the American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH) for their invaluable contribution in making this event possible at a prominent medical facility. It was a dream come true!  

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